Carmen campos


It was the desire and urge of prior generations in these small communities of New Mexico to create works of art regardless of many hardships and limited means and accesses to a large extend of precious metals or materials.

My intent is to create something beautiful from a simple thin, flat piece of metal. I want to continue the legacy of my ancestors, which is that we are survivors and we can create art from simple forms or media.  I use a very traditional technique and try to create new and old patterns of the art. Some of my pieces are very traditional and some are contemporary.

I have been creating pieces since 2000 using a basic punching tool, tin snips and mallet.  All of my work is hand-cut.  When given the opportunity I have tried to give life to this art form by teaching in different school art programs.  My hope is that my work has given someone a small sense of pleasure, as it gives me.


Contact Carmen
575-581-4422 or 505-927-2717

PO Box 142
13 State Road 110
El Rito, NM 87530