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Sustainable Ceramics | Unfired Clay Sculptures

  • Northern New Mexico College New Mexico 554 El Rito, NM United States (map)

This intensive 3-day, hands-on seminar will focus on the use of various clays to produce an unfired, finished clay sculpture. Students will explore the concept of unfired clay, and gain experience working with materials, forms and surfaces for unfired pieces. They will utilize fiber clays, (nylon and cellulose fiber clay) in order to understand their best applications and unique advantages. With the elimination of firing, students will be empowered to produce ceramic works on their own and in a multitude of environments where there is no access to a kiln. Students will be exposed to the concept of “sustainable ceramics,” in which they will gain an appreciation for recycling/ reusing materials; ways to reduce resource depletion; and, hopefully, develop a far reaching appreciation for the preservation of our ecosystem and the evolving cultural identity of the ceramic arts. Concern for our world and the natural environment is foremost in many minds. Those who make things know that unpleasant waste materials from paints, glazes and processes can be difficult to know how to responsibly handle in studios and homes. Ceramics artists use non-renewable energy or make carbon emissions when firing clay. Trash accumulates in our landfills beyond the capacity to handle them. Let’s gather together and work toward improving this situation. The ultimate answer to reducing firing emissions or using non-renewable energy when firing is…don’t fire! For centuries people have been making unfired clay works. Recently, sculptors are considering how they can utilize the many advantages of pliable clay in forming sculptures that don’t need and shouldn’t be fired. We will incorporate other objects and materials that would normally be trashed. Instructor Judy Nelson-Moore has been making ceramics for 55 years and has extensive experience with various clays and techniques. She has produced numerous unfired works and is a pioneer in the exploration of the use of fiber clays, both kiln fired and unfired.

SCHEDULE: Thursday, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm; Friday & Saturday, 9 am – noon & 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm; Sunday, 9 am – 12 noon

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER: Please contact Cecilia Romero at (505) 747.5477 or